We are all alchemists…

Alchemy: al-kɪ-mi

‘A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination…’

Oxford English Dictionary

We are all alchemists. That’s what creativity is all about. Transformation, as if by magic.

We do magic. Every single day. We take raw materials and transform them into something new. For me, that might mean cooking, writing, sewing, felting – what about you?

For example, I took this:

green fluff

And changed it into this:


Using these…


I love seeing things develop. The idea rolls around my head, gathering momentum. Some bits stick, and gather together. Often, ideas come when I’m walking in the woods behind our house – my go-to place for inspiration. ‘Composting time’, or pondering is a vital part of the creative process. Whether I am writing, felting, making mixed media sculptures – the thinking is the thing. Most of my ideas come from the natural world, so I spark ideas by walking. I like looking at photos, paintings and other artwork to inspire me – and to make me try harder. there is so much beauty in the world!

This blog is going to be reflective; it’s going to be a window into my studio for those who are interested; for me, it will serve to help me see patterns that develop in my work, and I hope will make me think more deeply about my processes. I’d love to have you along on the journey…

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